Be your own company (film) director!
Shoot a raya themed home video.
Upload it with the hashtag
#KeluarDariRumah and you could win
some cool quick duit raya. No pay cuts.
No forced leave. Just be sure to think
keluar of the box (or rumah).

Shoot a raya themed video from wherever
it is you call home (hospital pun boleh).

Sign off the video with Keluar, Dari Rumah.

Upload it to FB or IG with the hashtag

Submit your video URL.

Check back to see if you are 1 of 20
winners to win duit raya!

3, 2, 1 ACTION!

Don’t be boring.
See rule No.1.
Be as creative as possible while never leaving
your house.
Your “house” is wherever it is that you call home currently.
Your video cannot be more than 1 minute.
Save your epic blockbuster for Hollywood.
In the interest of social distancing, keep your
crew and extras at a civilized number.
Don’t literally keluar. Or you will be keluar from
the contest.
The contest is open to all Malaysians as long as
the video is Raya themed.
Think keluar of the box.
Make sure your video is, uh, safe. It IS Raya after all.
Full Name
Video URL